Melt and Pour Soap Base

Melt and Pour Soap Bases

No harsh chemicals, no preservatives . It's safe to use and environmentally friendly! The best part about melt and pour soap base is that it’s very versatile. Add scent, color (see our vibrant Mica Powders), shape or mold can be changed according to your preference and budget .

Melt and pour Soap Base Pieces - Goat Milk

Melt and Pour Soap - Goat Milk

This is a professional Goat milk melt soap base that is unscented, low-sweating and freeze resistant.
SLS free. Preservative free, PEG free, Amine free.
Ingredients: Coconut soap, glycerin, Goat Milk extract, propylene glycol, sodium laureth, coco betaine, sorbitol, sucrose, sodium chloride and titanium dioxide.

2 lbs: C$ 29.99 
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Melt and Pour Soap Base - Honey

Melt and Pour Soap - Honey

Premium quality Honey melt soap base that is unscented, non-sweating and freeze resistant.
Preservative free. SLS free, PEG free, Amine free.
Ingredient:  Coconut soap, Honey, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium Laureth, coco betaine, sorbitol, sucrose, sodium chloride.

2 lbs: C$ 29.99
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Melt and Pour soap - Clear Soap
Custom Melt and Pour Soap bases

A variety of low cost custom made melt and pour soap bases are available upon request. Includes (but not limited too): Shea butter, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Hemp, OBD, Tahiti Monoii, Mango butter, Sesame oil, Laurel oil and custom oil mixes.

2 lbs: C$ 29.99
Please contact us for quotation

Silicone Air Fryer Pot Liner Parchment replacement
Silicone Pots for Soap Base Melting

These famous silicone cake molds were developed for air fryer use. Although you could use them in the microwave oven to melt soap base, melting the soap using silicone pots in an instant cooker is much better by allowing precise control of the temperature without the risk of boiling.

2 Pcs: C$ 17.99
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Soap Saver Bags
8 Pcs Mesh Soap Net Bag, Soap Saver - Hand Made - 14.5x8cm - Exfoliating Mesh Soap Bag Set For Foaming Shower

Soap Saver - Hand Made - 14.5x8cm - Exfoliating Mesh Soap Bag Set For Foaming Shower - Random Colors
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8 piece set: C$ 10.99

Silicone Molding compound - Mold making - soap, epoxy, resin, acrylic, jewlery
Silicone Molding Compound

Silicone Mold Making Kit, Hardness: 30A Translucent Platinum cured Liquid Silicone Rubber 1 kg (2.2 lbs) for Casting Resin, Soap, Candle, Clay, DIY Molds- Mixing Ratio1:1 by Weight

Random shapes

1 kg set: C$ 40.99

Silicone Mat - Soap, Pastry, dough, cooking
Silicone Mat

It is excellent for use in soap making and for Pastry Kneading with Measurements. Also used for Baking Dough Rolling Fondant Kneading Non-Stick Non-Slip 15.7inch x 23.6inch Large (40cm x 60cm, 130 Grams, Thick, Red)

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1 piece: C$ 11.99

Soap Molds -  silicone, rubber, plastic
Silicone Soap Molds

We have a collection of new and used soap molds. 
Custom mold making available upon request.

Random shapes

8 piece set: C$ 7.99-10.99

Mica Pearlized Pigments
 2 oz Jars

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Mica powder pigment: this pearlescent mica powder is a finely grinded stone, and serves as a shimmering colorant for soap, bath bombs, epoxy, slimes, candle, etc
Pearlescent mica powder is widely used in a great number of crafts. It can be a great pigment powder for soap and epoxy resin creating the effect of shine, depth, metallic shimmer, texture and pearlescent beauty. These fine particles are as easy to use as any colored mica powder.
Mica Pigments are perfectly suitable for handmade products such as soap, epoxy resin, acrylic, jewelry, pottery, polymer clay, gels, spray paints, canvas, leather, vinyl, polish, paste, stains, blooms, airbrush paints, fabric, rubber, glass, sculpture, slurries, embossing and polyacrylics.
Mica colors keep their brightness for a long time and do not fade. Mica powder gives wonderful results when added to paint, glue, used as a resin powder pigment, gloss pigment or for alcohol, and other types of varnishes to enhance a finish. It is very easy to use and versatile in application. It's a must-have craft supply you want to add to achieve a wow effect with your home décor and craft projects.

Mica Pigment Powder
Mica Pigment Powder -  Apple Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Black
Mica Pigment Powder - Bluesih Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Breen Brown - Chocolate
Mica Pigment Powder - Bright Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Bronze Green
Mica Pigment Powder -  Bronze Purple
Mica Pigment Powder - Bronze
Mica Pigment Powder -  Brown
Mica Pigment Powder - Cerise
Mica Pigment Powder - Coffee
Mica Pigment Powder -  Copper
Mica Pigment Powder - Deep Blue
Mica Pigment Powder -  Deep Red
Mica Pigment Powder - Glitter Green
Mica Pigment Powder -  Gold
Mica Pigment Powder - Golden Blue
Mica Pigment Powder -  Golden Brown
Mica Pigment Powder - Golden Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Golden Purple
Mica Pigment Powder - Golden Yellow
Mica Pigment Powder -  Grass Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Grayish Violet
Mica Pigment Powder - Jadeite Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Lavender
Mica Pigment Powder - Lemon Yellow
Mica Pigment Powder - Light Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Lilac
Mica Pigment Powder - Magenta
Mica Pigment Powder - Magic Blue
Mica Pigment Powder - Magic Yellow
Mica Pigment Powder - Mauve
Mica Pigment Powder - Nacaret
Mica Pigment Powder - Olive Green
Mica Pigment Powder - Orange Red
Mica Pigment Powder - Orange
Mica Pigment Powder - Pale Blue
Mica Pigment Powder - Pale Red
Mica Pigment Powder- Peach
Mica Pigment - Peacock Green
Mica Pigment - Pearl White
Mica Pigment - Purple Red
Mica Pigment - Purple
Mica Pigment - Red
Mica Pigment - Rich Gold
Mica Pigment - Rose Red
Mica Pigment - Sapphire Blue
Mica Pigment - Silver Gray
Mica Pigment - Sky blue
Mica Pigment - Violet
Mica Pigment - White Gold
Mica Pigment - Wine Red
Mica Pigment - Yellow Green

Neon Pigments

Neon pigment - Red
Neon pigment - Blue
Neon pigment - Green
Neon pigment - Lemon Yellow
Neon pigment - Orange
Neon pigment - Rose
Neon pigment - Violet
Neon pigment - Yellow Orange

Glow in the Dark Pigment

Chameleon Pigments

Chameleon Pigment Blue Violet

Cosmetics additives

Wholesale Only (Contact us)
Skin  Butters
Skin Butters

The Shea nuts of the NAJEL Skin Butters are grown in Ghana and are processed using artisanal methods.

Whether plain or scented, there is something for all tastes. Pamper yourself and take care of your skin.

Dead Sea Products
Dead sea

The mineral salts that the Dead Sea contains are an extraordinary source of benefits for the skin and the organism.
We offer you a care treatment range coming from the Dead Sea with purifying and regenerating virtues.

Soap Accessories

Additional accessories to be used with certain products for authentic beauty rituals.  

Plant Oils
Plant Oils

For centuries, women of the Orient have kept the secret of their beauty care with its exceptional and beneficial properties for the skin. We share this secret with you through its range of natural and soothing care products which will nourish your skin such as Argan oil, Jojoba, cactus, almond and black cumin

Natural Clays


For a healthy-looking skin and a glowing complexion, NAJEL offers a certified clays range with puryfying and regenerating properties.

These 100% natural clays remove skin impurities caused by pollution and excess sebum.

Personal Care Products

Wholesale only (Contact us)
Body Care
Body Care
Najel Facial Care
Facial Care
Najel Oils and Soaps
Aleppo Soap Range
Najel Oils and Soaps
Home Care
Najel Oils and Soaps
Oriental Waxes
Loofah Soap Bar - Lavender

Loofah Lavender Soap

The most luxurious skin exfoliation and natural cleaning with loofah insert in real Lavender soap. Pack of 2 - Retail Price $22

Loofah Soap Bar - Honey

Loofah Honey Soap

The smoothest skin exfoliation and natural cleaning with loofah insert in real honey soap. Pack of 2 - Retail Price $20

African Black Soap

Made from olive and Laurel oils
Activated charcoal for extra cleansing and removal of odors
You get two bars each 150 grams for a total of 300 grams
Soap made with the virtues of organic plant charcoal, which comes from Amla, the fruit of the gooseberry tree. Charcoal has high adsorption qualities: the finer the powder, the better its adsorption qualities. It acts as a magnet, retaining all the skin’s impurities (pollutants, toxins, excess sebum...).

African Black Soap



Unlike cold process soap which need to age for months before use, M&P soap can be sold and used immediately.

Our products are free from amines, alcohol, bleach, preservatives, parabens, SLS,  and animal products. 
None of the ingredients we use are prohibited or restricted by Health-Canada
hot list and cosmetic ingredients guidelines.
MSDS will be provided upon order.


Just melt the soap base in the microwave or on the stove using low heat. Add perfume and colors as needed and pour into molds. Melt and Pour has been a worldwide favorite of hobbyists, crafters and small companies for more than 30 years. Why? Melt & pour soap base is simple to make, requires no fancy equipment, skills or special recipes… just melt soap and add fragrance or other additives.

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At MeltSoap - Canada we source our products from most reputable and reliable sources who apply GMPs in their operation and comply with Cosmos, ISO-9000 and other International Standards.

Our products are not tested on animals.